Project |01


Reality Check: Life on 8 East

I designed and created this instructional video to address some of the top concerns of teenage cancer patients. It’s part of an information packet given to recently diagnosed patients and their families through a nationwide cancer support network.


Client: Candlelighters, Inc. & Johns Hopkins Children‘s Center


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The UB Post

Project |02


Health Care for All!

I co-wrote this article for The UB Post, the official campus newspaper of the University of Baltimore, to explain the Affordable Care Act to the UB community.


Client: The UB Post

Reprinted with permission.

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Project |03


Scouting Report: Alzheimer‘s Overview

Over the past few decades, Alzheimer’s disease has evolved from a rare brain disorder to a major public-health crisis. Today, experts believe as many as five million Americans may have Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, there are millions of family members and other caregivers significantly affected by this disease. Our aging population makes Alzheimer’s disease an especially critical issue.


Client: The Pat Summitt™ Foundation

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