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valeo: e-Medicine @ Work

Master’s thesis. University of Baltimore (2002)


This white paper/design specification summary describes a collaborative health record (CHR) management application. Medicial and insurance data are automatically fed into a master database accessible from the internet. Patients, providers, and insurers alike can view and update data using a web-enabled PC, smartphone, or wireless device.


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eMedicine and Modern Disease Management:NIH Study Findings

Co-Author: L. J. Walters, MD, PhD—Pinto Engdahl Research Lab/NIHAmerican Medical Informatics AssociationConference Keynote Address, April 2002


This study focused on using HIPAA-compliant transactions standards in the design, development, and implementation of biological microelectromechanical devices (BioMEMs) as autonomous point-of-care diagnostic and therapeutic delivery agents. In both clinical and laboratory settings, these emerging medical information technologies facilitated faster detection and response to molecular biological changes in a sample population of chronically ill patients. In addition, the study points to the effectiveness of BioMEMs in providing storage, retrieval, and shared access of patient data while exceeding HIPAA’s secure architecture requirements.

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BioFlips: Healthcare for the Future

The development of microfluidic biochips (known as “BioFlips”) holds great potential for advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury. Biological microelectromechanical devices (BioMEMs), like other nanotechnologies, use microscopic chips to study and manipulate materials at an atomic or molecular level. The recent addition of microfluidic properties to these chips now allows researchers to collect, analyze, and control atomic quantities of liquid or gas directly on the microchip.

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